Please join us from March 10-13, 2017 in Milan for MIA Photo Fair, the international photography and moving image art fair. 

“I love beauty, it’s not my fault” — Valentino 

Magic Beans is pleased to present three contemporary artists Winston Chmielinski, Tom Hoops, and Sang Woo Kim who subversively visualize three different aspects of fashion. Chmielinski is a multidisciplinary artist working with fabric, literally sewn into his photographs; Tom Hoops uses black and white photography to depict in great detail every inch of the model’s being, while Kim, a renown fashion model and emerging artist, photographs himself and his close friends, capturing moments of carefree beauty and juxtaposes them into digital collages. These artists reveal to us that fashion is not only a style but a performance and a way of life. 

Winston Chmielinski’s photographs represent an abstracted viewpoint on the theme of fashion. He uses discarded fabrics and ephemera from his studio to create a palpable philosophy of reintegration and nostalgia. There is visual collusion of boundaries, between fabrics, photography, objects, and narratives. Tom Hoops specializes in portraiture and fashion. His black and white photographs are textured, striking and emotive works. Hoops shows us that beauty is not always found where you would expect it.  While Sang Woo Kim captures the vibrant moments of his bohemian friends. He pays close attention to color and composition and has a magical way of portraying the paradox of youth, in its immense vulnerability and power. 

Our dynamic booth at MIA will be a balanced presentation of three divergent photographers: the high contrast black and white film and digital photographs of Tom Hoops, the subtly sewn into sculptural prints from Winston Chmielinski and the whimsical digital collages of Sang Woo Kim. 

Check out the online catalogue here.

MIA Photo Fair is located at The Mall: Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, 1, 20121 Milano