TOM HOOPS Introduces Wild Dogs in Paris

curated by Tom Hoops in collaboration with Magic Beans Gallery

JUNE 22 – AUGUST 02, 2018
Vernissage:  Friday, JUNE 22, 6 – 9 p.m.

Magic Beans Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition Tom Hoops Introduces Wild Dogs in Paris, curated by Tom Hoops.

“People gave us everything for free. We were allowed only so much film per picture, but there was no limit to the creativity. I like to say that they let us loose like wild dogs in the streets of Paris” – Helmut Newton.

Tom Hoops, a photographer known for his strong emotive portraiture, and Emrah Yuceer, founder of Greyhours watchmakers, founded Wild Dogs in Paris as a collection of photography in 2016. The collection aims to promote existing and ongoing personal projects crafted with passion and free from the constraints of committees or adherence to briefs that many photographers are bound by. The work featured is independently produced all over the world, by emerging talent as well as established artists.

There are no restrictions on genre or subject matter, simply a curated collection of classic and new visions of photography from across the spectrum of the medium. Whilst Wild Dogs in Paris is building a strong online platform, it is also a physical collection, with the aim of building a substantial body of work that will eventually be available for the public to view.

In 2017 Wild Dogs in Paris, in conjunction with watchmakers Greyhours, began a wide-ranging grants scheme to enable photographers to pursue personal projects. The opening of the grants scheme provides applicants with funds and technical assistance to complete ongoing photographic projects. Currently this scheme is an open call.

Wild Dogs in Paris brings you a curated selection of lesser-told stories from an eclectic selection of photographers and artists. In an age where our consumption of photography is oversaturated, Wild Dogs in Paris aims to shine a light on projects it feels deserve to stand out from the crowd and so, provide a place to collect and showcase these works.

This is the first time that Wild Dogs in Paris will be exhibiting in a gallery. As for now, the collection could only be seen on the online platform. For this occasion, Tom Hoops has curated a show with fifteen members of Wild Dogs in Paris, including photos by Tom Hoops and others such as Kate Bellm, Luis and Sergio Del Amo, Sean Lotman, Steve Macleod, Salvatore Matarazzo, Rachelle Mendez, Dan Sully and Piotr Zbierski.

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