This video was part of Claudia Chaselings’ spatial painting + 2 screen video installation “Murphy the Mutant”, presented in X-Border Art Biennial in Gallery Valo, Rovaniemi.

“Murphy is a child born with deformities. In the region where he was born, radioactive weapons were used prior his birth. Immune to radioactivity, Murphy is one of several survivors from a third world war. Martians see Murphy lonely on a devastated planet. They decide to give Murphy his shadow as company. The shadow, however, likes to do things differently from Murphy himself. The shadow and Murphy have brutal fights until they both realize that they need each other. During this process, they meet many other mutants—deformed fish, moths, rabbits, turtles, and so on. On their walk through the desert, Murphy and his shadow meet a cosmonaut. It is none other than Major Tom, who survived in outer space because the Martians rescued him. Major Tom gives Murphy and his shadow an overview of the entire population of Murphies on earth.”