lucid dreams flyer


Stefano Bosis
March 24 – 23. April, 2017

Opening reception: Friday, March 24, 6 – 9 PM

“The only way to realise a dream is by waking up. Artists make people confront reality, that is why they have often been censored throughout history.” – Stefano Bosis

Magic Beans is delighted to announce Stefano Bosis´ solo exhibition Lucid Dreams. This exhibition encompasses the heart wrenching power and imaginative flair of the young Italian artist. 

Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstraction. Many terms could be used to describe Stefano Bosis and his artwork. His new paintings journey far beyond the worlds which he has created in previous exhibitions. In Lucid Dreams he drives himself beyond the tangible into the enchanted realm of the impossible. He weaves together maternal embrace with astronomy, reinterpreting the power and imagination of Giordano Bruno´s mysterious and esoteric cards. In his paintings the emotional and the concrete stand alongside his childhood dreams with the conscious gaze of an adult, flying carpets and stars, the sun and the infinite yet palpable horizons. 

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